Stands for “Cost Per Lead.”

CPL is a time period utilized in on-line advertising that refers to how a lot an advertiser pays a web site or advert network every time they purchase a lead by means of an promoting marketing campaign. This promoting mannequin can be known as “online lead generation.” Once the advert marketing campaign gathers leads, additional advertising efforts try and convert these leads into clients.

Advertisers operating a marketing campaign using a CPL pricing mannequin are inclined to have a distinct focus than these using a CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille) mannequin. Instead of paying for folks to click on or view an advert, a CPL mannequin pays for leads — somebody who has chosen to enroll to obtain more data or categorical curiosity. First, a web based advert sends a possible result in the advert marketing campaign’s touchdown web page. From there, they explicitly select to share their data and categorical curiosity by the tactic set by the advert marketing campaign — they could join an e-mail e-newsletter, a rewards program, a free trial, or in any other case share their private data and categorical curiosity.

These promoting campaigns are inclined to price more, however the advertiser finally ends up with a more-valuable pool of leads. Leads who select to enroll usually tend to turn into paying clients and even repeat clients.

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