Stands for “Cost Per Click.”

CPC is a time period utilized in on-line advertising that refers to how a lot an advertiser pays a web site or advert network every time somebody clicks one in every of their advertisements. It applies to advertisements displayed on search engine outcomes pages, web sites, social media, or anyplace else on-line. CPC is often known as PPC (Pay Per Click).

When advertisers need to run an advert on-line, advert networks have them bid towards different advertisers by setting a most CPC. The most CPC is a part of a components that appears on the key phrases and demographics focused, the advertiser’s business, how related the advert is, and when the advert runs. After the components selects which advert to run, the advert network costs the advertiser simply sufficient to win the bid, typically lower than the utmost CPC.

The purpose of CPC bidding, when in comparison with CPM (Cost Per Mille) bidding, is the concentrate on click-through charge, or CTR. Advertisers that use CPC bidding need folks to click on their advert to go to their web site, typically to promote a services or products. Advertisers using CPM bidding might as an alternative simply need their advertisements seen as broadly as doable to construct model consciousness with out caring whether or not folks click on the advertisements.

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