Zone File

A zone file is a plain textual content file saved on a identify server that comprises details about the domains inside that identify server’s zone. It contains contact details about that identify server’s administrator and lists every domain and subdomain alongside its corresponding IP tackle. Zone recordsdata are a important a part of the Domain Name System infrastructure, permitting computer systems to find servers on the Internet in any respect ranges of the DNS system hierarchy.

The DNS system delegates parts of the bigger namespace into zones, which can be subdivided into smaller zones. The largest zones cowl everything of every top-level domain (like .com and .internet). Within these are smaller zones managed by different nameservers, which can encompass a single domain ( and its subdomains ( or cowl a bigger group of a number of domains. Each identify server maintains a zone file for the domains inside its zone and the corresponding IP tackle for every domain and subdomain. When one other pc on the Internet makes a request to that identify server, it checks the zone file and returns the requested domain’s IP tackle.

Zone recordsdata retailer a number of essential items of details about a site. Each zone file begins with a number of directives — traces of textual content that begin with a ‘$’ character and set directions for the identify server to observe, like specifying a TTL expiration timer or an origin domain for relative domains to observe. Every zone file wants to incorporate a Start of Authority (SOA) report that lists the e-mail tackle of the identify server’s administrator, an tackle for an authoritative grasp DNS server, and settings for the way and when to refresh the zone file’s contents. The bulk of a zone file consists of DNS data for domains and subdomains, matching a selected domain identify with the corresponding server’s IP tackle.

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