Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime surroundings. It runs JavaScript code outdoors of a net browser, permitting net builders to make use of JavaScript because the back-end of their net purposes. Node.js can also be cross-platform and runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, and macOS.

Before the introduction of Node.js, JavaScript may solely run inside an online browser. Websites may use JavaScript so as to add client-side interactivity on net pages and net purposes, however the net server itself wanted to make use of one other language, like PHP, for its share of the work. Node.js permits JavaScript code to run server-side, which implies that net builders can use one language for each the front- and backend of their net apps.

Web browsers use their own JavaScript engines, while web servers use Node.js
Web browsers use their very own JavaScript engines, whereas net servers use Node.js

Node.js is fashionable amongst net builders for a number of causes. First, it’s environment friendly for purposes that require many simultaneous connections, and might deal with many requests directly. It additionally has a big ecosystem of open-source packages and libraries obtainable via Node Package Manager, which permits builders to simply add new options by integrating present modules into their purposes. Finally, the power to make use of one programming language as a substitute of two reduces the complexity of a venture and gives a better studying curve.

NOTE: Node.js makes use of Google’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine, the identical engine utilized by the Chrome net browser.

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