There are bullies after which there are cyberbullies. While bullying sometimes occurs in school or work, cyberbullying takes place over our on-line world. This consists of each Internet and cellular phone communication. Like bodily bullying, cyberbullying is aimed toward youthful individuals, resembling youngsters and youngsters. It might contain harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or humiliating younger individuals on-line.

Cyberbullying can take many forms. The following are only a few examples:

  • Making enjoyable of one other person in an Internet chat room.
  • Harassing a person over an immediate messaging session.
  • Posting derogatory messages on a person’s Facebook or MySpace web page.
  • Circulating false rumors about somebody on social networking web sites.
  • Publishing lewd feedback about one other particular person on a private weblog.
  • Posting unflattering photos of one other person on the Web.
  • Spamming one other person with undesirable e-mail messages.
  • Sending threatening or provocative e-mails.
  • Repeatedly calling one other particular person’s cellular phone.
  • Sending unsolicited textual content messages to a different person.

Cyberbullying could seem humorous to some individuals, however it’s a severe matter. Kids who’re bullied on-line usually really feel harm and rejected by their friends. This can result in low self-worth and melancholy. Therefore, cyberbullying shouldn’t be tolerated and must be reported to authorities.

NOTE: Technically, cyberbullying takes place between two younger individuals. When adults are concerned, it might be referred to as cyber-harassment or cyberstalking.

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