Stands for “Virtual IP Address.” A VIP (or VIPA) is a public IP deal with which may be shared by a number of gadgets linked to the Internet. Internally, every device has a singular native IP deal with, however externally, all of them share the identical one.

VIPs are frequent in house and office networks. When a tool connects to the network, the router assigns it a singular native IP deal with, sometimes by way of DHCP. Examples of native IP addresses embrace,, and so on, with the router IP deal with set to Some routers use the IP deal with and assign IP addresses,, and so on. Local IPs are merged right into a single public (or “virtual”) IP using network deal with translation (NAT). The digital IP deal with is what identifies the gadgets on the Internet.

A VIP usually has a one-to-many relationship with gadgets on a network. Therefore, a number of gadgets linked to the identical router might have the identical IP deal with on the Internet.

VIPs are additionally utilized by servers. For instance, a number of net servers might share the identical IP deal with, permitting them to distribute requests throughout a number of machines. This is helpful for load balancing and redundancy, A “high availability” server, as an example, might have a single IP deal with shared by two separate computer systems.

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