Email Bomb

An electronic mail bomb or “mail bomb” is a malicious act during which numerous electronic mail messages are despatched to a single electronic mail tackle in a brief time frame. The objective of an electronic mail bomb is usually to overflow a person’s inbox. In some instances, it is going to additionally make the mail server unresponsive.

Email bombing is commonly performed from a single system during which one person sends lots of or 1000’s of messages to a different person. In order to ship the messages rapidly, the e-mail bomber could use a script to automate the method. By sending emails with a script, it’s attainable to ship a number of thousand messages per minute.

If carried out efficiently, an electronic mail bomb will go away the recipient with a pile of electronic mail messages in his or her inbox. It may max out the recipient’s electronic mail quota, stopping the person from receiving new electronic mail messages. The result’s a irritating scenario the place the person has to manually delete the messages. If the recipient’s electronic mail shopper or webmail system doesn’t permit the person to pick out all of the undesirable messages directly, this course of can take a very long time to finish.

Fortunately, most mail servers are able to detecting electronic mail bombs earlier than numerous messages are despatched. For instance, if the server detects that greater than ten messages are obtained from the identical electronic mail tackle inside one minute, it could block the sender’s electronic mail tackle or IP tackle. This easy motion will cease the e-mail bomb by rejecting extra emails from the sender.

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