Stands for “Uniform Resource Identifier.”

A URI is a string of characters that uniquely identifies a file or different useful resource. It could embody a useful resource’s distinctive identify, its location on a network, or each. All URIs observe a typical construction, permitting functions like net browsers and file switch utilities to find particular information or sources.

The commonest kind of URI most individuals encounter is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which supplies the situation of a net web page or different file on a network. A URL contains details about the place a selected useful resource is, in addition to how an utility ought to work together with it. For instance, the URL of this definition is https://thowtofixissue.com/definition/uri. Another kind of URI, referred to as a Uniform Resource Name (URN), provides a useful resource a singular identify inside a selected namespace with out offering details about its location. For instance, printed books are all recognized by an ISBN, which may kind a part of a URN to trace them. The URN urn:isbn:9780441013593 all the time refers back to the novel Dune by Frank Herbert, however doesn’t point out the place a library or bookstore retains it.

All URIs use a typical formatting construction. Each one begins by itemizing its scheme, which signifies what protocol an app ought to use to entry the useful resource. For instance, a URI that begins with http or https opens in an online browser, whereas one which begins with mailto creates a brand new message in an e mail consumer. Next, its authority element describes the useful resource’s host by its domain identify or IP deal with — it might additionally embody a username, password, and port quantity. After that, a path locates the useful resource on the host inside its folder construction. Finally, a URI could embody question parameters that go info onto a webpage or a fraction that jumps to a selected part throughout the file. Not all URIs will need to have each element, and a typical URN solely contains the scheme and a path.

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