Stands for “Uniform Resource Locator.” A URL is the deal with of a selected webpage or file on the Internet. For instance, the URL of the TechTerms web site is “http://thowtofixissue.com.” The deal with of this web page is “http://thowtofixissue.com/definition/url” and consists of the next components:

  1. http:// – the URL prefix, which specifies the protocol used to entry the situation
  2. thowtofixissue.com – the server title or IP deal with of the server
  3. /definition/url – the path to the listing or file

While all web site URLs start with “http,” a number of different prefixes exist. Below is a listing of varied URL prefixes:

  • http – a webpage, web site listing, or different file out there over HTTP
  • ftp – a file or listing of recordsdata out there to obtain from an FTP server
  • information – a dialogue situated inside a selected newsgroup
  • telnet – a Unix-based laptop system that helps distant consumer connections
  • gopher – a doc or menu situated on a gopher server
  • wais – a doc or search outcomes from a WAIS database
  • mailto – an electronic mail deal with (usually used to redirect browsers to an electronic mail consumer)
  • file – a file situated on a neighborhood storage device (although not technically a URL as a result of it doesn’t discuss with an Internet-based location)

You can manually enter a URL by typing it within the deal with bar of your internet browser. For instance, you may enter a web site URL printed on a enterprise card to go to the corporate’s web site. Most URLs, nevertheless seem mechanically while you click on on a hyperlink or open a bookmark. If the server title within the URL isn’t legitimate, your browser might show a “Server not found” error. If the trail within the URL is wrong, the server might reply with a 404 error.

NOTE: URLs use ahead slashes to indicate completely different directories and can’t comprise areas. Therefore, dashes and underscores are sometimes used to separate phrases inside an internet deal with. If your browser produces an error while you go to a selected webpage, you may double-check the URL for typos or different errors. If you discover an error, you may manually edit the URL and press Enter to see if it really works.

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