Stands for “Transmission System Level 3.”

A T3 line is a telecommunications commonplace that gives the equal bandwidth of 28 T1 strains, with 672 particular person voice channels and 45 Mbps of Internet bandwidth. A T3 connection operates over a coax cable, however restricted segments may use a fiber optic cable. A T3 line is also called a DS3 (Digital Signal Level 3) line.

T3 strains function phone network trunk connections, connecting phone switching facilities to transmit digitized voice calls and different information from place to put. ISPs additionally supply T3 strains as devoted Internet connections for companies, universities, and different establishments.

T1 and T3 strains are totally different ranges of the identical digital transmission system developed by Bell Laboratories, also called the T-carrier system. The specification has 5 ranges, T1 by T5, with every stage a number of occasions quicker than the earlier stage. Only T1 and T3 noticed widespread adoption.

Newer network applied sciences have led to a decline within the reputation of T3 strains. Their copper wire spine isn’t as quick because the fiber-optic cables changing them, with some ISPs retiring their copper wire networks solely.

NOTE: While 45 Mbps is a modest Internet pace now, a T3 line was the quickest Internet connection obtainable through the dial-up period of the Eighties and Nineties.

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