On garments, tags often point out the model, measurement of the garment, materials used, and the washing directions. In Web pages, tags point out what needs to be displayed on the display when the web page masses. Tags are the essential formatting software utilized in HTML (hypertext markup language) and different markup languages, comparable to XML. For instance, the <desk> tag is used to insert a desk on a webpage. The knowledge that needs to be contained in the desk follows the <desk> tag, and the desk is closed with a </desk> tag.

If you need textual content to be daring in a block of textual content, you’d use the daring tag. For instance, the HTML:

This website is the <b>best web site</b> ever!

would present up as:

This website is the best web site ever!

Since there may be typically a must format content material inside more common tags, the tags may be “nested,” which means one tag can enclose a number of different tags. For instance:

<span type=”font-family: Times”>This is the Times font, and <i>that is in italics</i>.</font>

would seem as:

This is the Times font, and that is in italics.

Tags are a basic a part of HTML. If you wish to construct a web site of your individual, you may create pages from scratch using a textual content editor and typing your individual tags. Or you should use a “WYSIWYG” internet growth program like Adobe Dreamweaver, which supplies a GUI for creating webpage layouts and generates the tags for you.

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