7 Ways to Fix iPhone or iPad Losing Charge While Plugged In

7 Ways to Fix iPhone or iPad Losing Charge While Plugged In.

Expecting a completely charged iPhone or iPad after just a few hours of charging is regular. However, it’s irritating to search out the battery degree decrease than anticipated. 

This information gives a step-by-step strategy to troubleshooting and resolving the difficulty of your iPhone or iPad shedding cost whereas it’s plugged in.

Let’s dive proper in.

1. Check the Charging Cable and Adapter

Begin with the fundamentals by making certain your charging cable and adapter are in good working situation. 

Look carefully for any seen indicators of harm, like uncovered wires, cracks within the plastic housing, or bent connectors.

 iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in

If you discover any points with the cable or adapter, it’s essential to switch them with real Apple products to make sure correct charging.

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2. Inspect and Clean the Charging Port

Dirt and particles usually accumulate within the charging port of your iPhone or iPad over time, which might block the connection to the charging cable.

Cleaning the port is important for sustaining correct contact.

To clear the charging port:

  • Gently use a toothpick to take away any particles lodged contained in the port.
  • Apply a can of compressed air to get rid of the remaining dust.
  • For corrosion or buildup on contact factors, rigorously use a SIM tray pin, needle, or tweezers.


Ensure your device is powered off earlier than cleansing the charging port with sharp objects like a needle or pin.

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3. Close Unnecessary Background Applications

Even when plugged in, background functions can proceed to devour battery energy. The more apps operating within the background, the better the battery utilization.

To reduce this, shut apps you’re not using:

  1. Access the app switcher by swiping up from the underside of your display screen.
  2. Scroll by means of the checklist of open apps and establish any you’re not actively using.
  3. During prolonged charging intervals, like in a single day, think about closing all background apps.
  4. To shut an app, merely drag or flick it upwards.
App SwitcherApp Switcher

Minimizing background exercise is a key step in making certain environment friendly battery charging on your iPhone or iPad.

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4. Turn Off Wireless Connections

Wireless connections like Wi-Fi, cellular information, and Bluetooth devour battery when they’re enabled. 

To preserve battery throughout charging, particularly in a single day, think about turning these options off:

  1. Swipe down from the upper-right nook of your display screen to open the Control Center.
  2. Tap the icons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Data to disable them. These icons will flip white, indicating they’re ‘OFF’.
Control CenterControl Center

Turning off these connections may help cut back battery utilization and guarantee more practical charging.

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5. Disable Background Refresh

Background app refresh retains your apps up to date however can considerably drain your battery, because it permits functions to consistently entry the web for updates. 

To cut back battery consumption, significantly throughout charging, observe these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app in your iPhone/iPad. 
  2. Navigate to General after which choose Background App Refresh.
  3. Tap the toggle change next to the app for which you want to disable background refresh.
Background RefreshBackground Refresh

Disabling this function for apps that don’t require fixed updates can preserve battery energy.

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6. Try Wireless Charging

If your iPhone helps wi-fi charging, attempt using it to see if it impacts battery drain.

Should the battery drain persists, it might recommend a problem together with your charging cable or port.

 iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in

In such a case, think about taking your device to the nearest service heart for a radical examination by knowledgeable.

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7. Use Back Ports (PC)

If you’re charging your iPhone/iPad by means of a pc, I like to recommend using the USB ports on the back or from the motherboard. 

The entrance panel USB ports won’t have sufficient present to cost your device, explaining why your battery is draining. 

Try every port in your laptop to see if any can cost your iPhone/iPad correctly. 

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8. Update Your iPhone/iPad

Software bugs may also trigger your iPhone or iPad to not cost appropriately. 

Check if there can be found updates on your device and set up them to patch any errors that will have brought about the issue. 

To update your iPhone/iPad: 

  1. Open Settings in your iPhone/iPad. 
  2. Head to General > Software Update
  3. If a brand new model of iOS/iPadOS is out there, faucet Download and Install
  4. Once downloaded, observe the on-screen directions to update your software program.
 iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in


  • Your iPhone would possibly restart a number of occasions in the course of the update course of.
  • Ensure your iPhone/iPad is no less than 50% charged earlier than updating. For a easy course of, keep it linked to a charger.
  • Allow about quarter-hour for the update, significantly for main variations (like iOS 15 to iOS 16).

To keep away from lacking future updates, allow computerized updates in your iPhone/iPad: 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to General > Software Update > Automatic Updates
  3. Turn on Download iOS/iPadOS Updates and Install iOS/iPadOS Updates
 iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in iphone ipad losing charge while plugged in

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Why is my iPad shedding cost whereas plugged in?

If your iPad is shedding cost whereas plugged in, test if there are high-demand apps operating within the background. Video enhancing apps, render apps, or video games can put numerous load on the processor, inflicting it to devour more energy than what the charger is supplying. 

Why does my iPhone lose cost when plugged in?

Your iPhone might lose cost whereas plugged in if it makes use of more energy than your charger provides. Ensure your charger capabilities appropriately and shut any power-intensive apps. Additionally, cleansing the charging port for a correct connection might additionally treatment this problem.

Why does my iPad not at all times cost when plugged in?

Inconsistent charging of your iPad might outcome from a broken or obstructed charging port. Test with totally different chargers to find out if the port is the difficulty. Inspect the port for any particles that could be hindering contact with the pins.

How do I do know if my iPhone battery is dangerous?

Signs of a failing iPhone battery embody noticeable slowdowns, quickly depleting cost, or a ‘service’ standing within the battery well being part. To test the battery well being:

To test this: 

  1. Go to Settings in your iPhone. 
  2. Navigate to Battery > Battery Health & Charging. 

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