Stands for “Peer to Peer.”

A P2P network connects laptop methods to one another, over a native network or the web, and not using a central server. P2P networks use distributed functions to separate duties between a number of computer systems. File-sharing networks, video chat purchasers, and multiplayer gaming generally use P2P networks to attach computer systems collectively.

Each laptop or node on a P2P network is an equal peer to the remainder. Unlike within the client-server mannequin, each laptop in a P2P network acts as each a consumer and a server. P2P networks are extremely scalable since they don’t use a central server that might require further capability for more purchasers. Having no central server additionally implies that P2P networks are resilient and tough to take down.

P2P networks have a number of frequent makes use of:

  • File sharing is the commonest use, internet hosting information on many computer systems unfold throughout a network as a substitute of a single file server.
  • Distributed computing (often known as grid computing) delegates processing duties to any laptop on the network, usually for scientific functions like modeling molecular constructions.
  • Video and voice chat functions usually use a central server to ascertain connections, then change to a P2P network connection to permit two or more computer systems to ship video and audio instantly.
  • Games usually use P2P connections for multiplayer gaming to scale back lag and enhance efficiency.

P2P File Sharing

P2P file-sharing networks like BitTorrent permit a pc to obtain a file from another laptop sharing the file. They might even obtain a file from a number of computer systems concurrently to maximise out there bandwidth. After finishing the obtain, the P2P software makes it out there to add to different computer systems.

Napster popularized P2P file-sharing in 1999, permitting anybody to share their music library with each different laptop on the network. Other file-sharing networks, like Gnutella, allowed customers to share more than simply music. These networks made music and software program piracy straightforward however have been additionally used to unfold malware disguised as music, motion pictures, and software program.

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