NoSQL is a non-relational database that shops and accesses information using key-values. Instead of storing information in rows and columns like a conventional database, a NoSQL DBMS shops every merchandise individually with a singular key. Additionally, a NoSQL database doesn’t require a structured schema that defines every desk and the associated columns. This supplies a way more versatile strategy to storing information than a relational database.

While relational databases (like MySQL) are perfect for storing structured information, their inflexible construction makes it troublesome so as to add new fields and rapidly scale the database. NoSQL supplies an unstructured or “semi-structured” strategy that’s supreme for capturing and storing consumer generated content material (UGC). This might embrace textual content, images, audio information, movies, click on streams, tweets, or different information. While relational databases typically grow to be slower and more inefficient as they develop, NoSQL databases are extremely scalable. In truth, you may add hundreds or a whole bunch of hundreds of recent information to a NoSQL database with a minimal lower in efficiency.

Because of NoSQL’s flexibility and scalability, many giant companies and organizations have begun using NoSQL databases to retailer consumer information. They are particularly widespread in cloud computing purposes and have grow to be a hottest storage resolution for massive information.

NOTE: NoSQL is usually known as “Not only SQL,” although it’s not the official which means of the time period.

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