Mail Server

A mail server (or e-mail server) is a pc system that sends and receives e-mail. In many circumstances, net servers and mail servers are mixed in a single machine. However, massive ISPs and public e-mail providers (similar to Gmail and Hotmail) might use devoted {hardware} for sending and receiving e-mail.

In order for a pc system to operate as a mail server, it should embrace mail server software program. This software program permits the system administrator to create and handle e-mail accounts for any domains hosted on the server. For instance, if the server hosts the domain title “,” it will probably present e-mail accounts ending in “”

Mail servers ship and obtain e-mail using commonplace e-mail protocols. For instance, the SMTP protocol sends messages and handles outgoing mail requests. The IMAP and POP3 protocols obtain messages and are used to course of incoming mail. When you go browsing to a mail server using a webmail interface or e-mail consumer, these protocols deal with all of the connections behind the scenes.

Mail server software program is obtainable for a number of platforms. The hottest mail server for Windows is Microsoft Exchange Server, an enterprise product utilized by massive companies. However, many different choices exist, together with Ipswitch IMail Server, IceWarp Mail Server, MailAllow, and hMailServer. Popular Linux choices embrace Exim for sending mail and Dovecot and Courier for receiving mail.

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