Stands for “Internet Protocol.” IP supplies a regular algorithm for sending and receiving information over the Internet. It permits units operating on completely different platforms to speak with one another so long as they’re linked to the Internet.

In order for an Internet-connected host to be acknowledged by different units, it will need to have an IP tackle. This could also be both an IPv4 or IPv6 tackle, however both means, it uniquely defines a tool on the Internet.

The Internet Protocol additionally supplies primary directions for transferring packets between units. However, it doesn’t truly set up the connection or outline the ordering of the packets transmitted. These facets are dealt with by the Transmission Control Protocol, which works along side the Internet Protocol to switch information between techniques on the Internet. For this motive, connections between Internet-connected techniques are sometimes known as “TCP/IP” connections.

NOTE: IP can also be brief for “IP address,” as in “What is your IP?” In this case, IP refers back to the distinctive identifier of a system, not the protocol itself.

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