Stands for “Internet Network Information Center.”

InterNIC was a corporation created in 1993 to offer domain title registration and IP deal with allocation providers. It was a joint effort by Network Solutions and AT&T, with Network Solutions offering domain title registration providers and AT&T offering listing and database providers. In 1998, InterNIC and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) had been reorganized to come back below the management of a brand new non-profit entity, the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Before the institution of InterNIC, Network Solutions operated the primary domain title service (DNS) registry below contract with the United States Department of Defense and SRI International. This partnership assigned Network Solutions the accountability of giving out domains for the early “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” “.edu,” “.gov,” and “.mil” top-level domains. However, because the Internet grew to become more well-liked worldwide amongst companies, colleges, and different non-military organizations, the accountability for its administration was shifted to the non-public sector.

In 1993, the National Science Foundation (NSF) created InterNIC in partnership with Network Solutions and AT&T to handle the DNS registry and distribute domains to non-military organizations. This transfer made Network Solutions the primary non-public domain title registrar. In 1998, the NSF reorganized InterNIC to mix it and its duties with the IANA below a brand new group, ICANN. After the merger, InterNIC continued to offer WHOIS providers for a number of years earlier than ICANN assumed these duties as effectively.

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