The Gopher expertise was invented on the University of Minnesota, whose mascot is, not surprisingly, the Golden Gopher. The gopher system permits folks to seek for and retrieve data using a textual content interface. The expertise is predicated on a client-server construction, the place a gopher shopper program is used to go looking gopher servers. These servers can retailer paperwork, articles, applications, and different data. Instead of hyperlinks, the gopher interface makes use of menus of hyperlinks to different paperwork and applications.

The University of Minnesota started a licensing program for the gopher expertise in 1993 as the usage of gopher was spreading quickly over the Internet. However, this was across the similar time that the World Wide Web was launched. Because the Web used hypertext and pictures, it quickly turned the popular option to search and browse for data. While there are nonetheless servers and shopper applications that use gopher expertise, their use isn’t almost as widespread because the Web.

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