Domain Name

A website title is a singular title that identifies a web site. For instance, the domain title of the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary is “” Each web site has a website title that serves as an handle, which is used to entry the web site.

Whenever you go to an internet site, the domain title seems within the handle bar of the net browser. Some domains are preceded by “www” (which isn’t a part of the domain title), whereas others omit the “www” prefix. All domains have a domain suffix, reminiscent of .com, .internet, or .org. The domain suffix helps establish the kind of web site the domain title represents. For instance, “.com” domains are sometimes utilized by industrial web sites, whereas “.org” web sites are sometimes utilized by non-profit organizations. Some domains finish with a rustic code, reminiscent of “.dk” (Denmark) or “.se” (Sweden), which helps establish the situation and viewers of the web site.

Domain names are comparatively low cost to register, although they should be renewed yearly or each few years. The excellent news is that anybody can register a website title, so you should purchase a singular domain title in your weblog or web site. The dangerous information is that just about all domains with widespread phrases have already been registered. Therefore, if you wish to register a customized domain title, you could want to consider a artistic variation. Once you determine on a website title and register it, the title is yours till you cease renewing it. When the renewal interval expires, the domain title turns into obtainable for others to buy.

NOTE: When you entry an internet site, the domain title is definitely translated to an IP handle, which defines the server the place the web site positioned. This translation is carried out dynamically by a service known as DNS.

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