The time period emoticon comes from “emotion and icon” and refers to facial expressions represented by keyboard characters. For instance, the emoticon 🙂 represents a cheerful face and 🙁 represents a tragic face. By inserting an emoticon right into a message, you may assist the recipient higher perceive the sensation you need to get throughout.

While most emoticons signify expressions, they’ve branched out to represent many different issues, equivalent to individuals, animals, objects, and actions. Some emoticons are supposed to be learn left-to-right, whereas others are displayed vertically. Below are examples of several types of emoticons:

  • 😀 – very joyful
  • o.O – confused
  • =^.^= – cat
  • :o3 – canine
  • *<:o) – clown
  • C[_] – espresso cup
  • T.T – crying

“Kaomoji” emoticons, which originated in Japan, use Japanese symbols and unusual characters to create distinctive emoticons. For instance, the emoticon =( ^o^)ノ___o represents an individual throwing a bowling ball. The “flipping table” emoticon (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ can be utilized to say you might be actually upset.

The recognition of text-based feelings led to the creation of precise icons or “emojis.” Emojis (that are generally referred to as emoticons) are actually a part of the usual character set in most cellular and desktop working programs. This means you may insert precise smiley faces (or different expressions) as a substitute of using a string of characters. For instance, you may insert a ❤️ as a substitute of using the text-based <3 emoticon.

NOTE: If you need to have good netiquette, it is best to keep away from using emoticons in formal communication. However, it is wonderful (and reasonably widespread) to make use of emoticons in textual content messages, casual emails, and on social media web sites.

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