Streaming is the playback of music, video, or different media over the Internet whereas it progressively downloads. Unlike downloading a file straight, a replica of the streamed file will not be retained on the device as soon as the playback stops. Media will be streamed to computer systems, cell units, and devoted streaming units that hook up with a TV like an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick.

Most music and video streaming companies supply content material on demand, which lets customers pay attention or watch one thing every time they select. Some companies will stream content material reside as it’s produced, referred to as “reside streaming.” Other companies permit customers to stream their very own content material from one device to a different, throughout a native network or the Internet.

Streaming companies use compression to optimize the dimensions of streaming media to save lots of on their bandwidth utilization and make sure that content material reaches viewers with minimal buffering. Most even keep a number of copies of a file encoded at completely different bitrates, delivering the most effective model for the Internet velocity out there to the viewer. Common audio codecs embody MP3 and AAC, whereas video usually makes use of H.264, HEVC, or VP9. Video and audio streams are then despatched throughout the Internet using specialised software protocols designed for streaming media, most of which function over the UDP transport protocol.

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