Apache is the preferred Web server software program. It permits a pc to host a number of web sites that may be accessed over the Internet using a Web browser. The first model of Apache was launched in 1995 by the Apache Group. In 1999, the Apache Group turned the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit group that presently maintains the event of the Apache Web server software program.

Apache’s recognition within the Web internet hosting market is basically as a result of it’s open supply and free to make use of. Therefore, Web internet hosting corporations can supply Apache-based Web internet hosting options at minimal prices. Other server software program, comparable to Windows Server, requires a industrial license. Apache additionally helps a number of platforms, together with Linux, Windows, and Macintosh working techniques. Since many Linux distributions are additionally open-source, the Linux/Apache mixture has turn into the preferred Web internet hosting configuration.

Apache can host static web sites, in addition to dynamic web sites that use server-side scripting languages, comparable to PHP, Python, or Perl. Support for these and different languages is carried out via modules, or set up packages which might be added to the usual Apache set up. Apache additionally helps different modules, which provide superior safety choices, file administration instruments, and different options. Most Apache installations embody a URL rewriting module referred to as “mod_rewrite,” which has turn into a typical means for site owners to create customized URLs.

While the Apache Web server software program is often known as simply “Apache,” it’s technically referred to as “Apache HTTP Server,” because the software program serves webpages over the HTTP protocol. When Apache is operating, its course of identify is “httpd,” which is brief for “HTTP daemon.”

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