How To Switch X And Y Axis In Excel

How To Switch X And Y Axis In Excel.

Re-entering knowledge will be tedious, particularly for longer spreadsheets. This downside should be fairly widespread as Excel has simplified the method of switching the X and Y axes! 

Excel is without doubt one of the most most well-liked digital spreadsheets. Not solely are you able to create advanced databases, however it’s also possible to additional simplify the illustration by graphs! However, studying how to create graphs will be difficult. Especially for newer customers, it’s possible you’ll enter all of your knowledge appropriately however in incorrect axes!

If you relate to this case, you don’t have anything to be nervous about as a result of we’re right here to assist. Keep studying this text to be taught more about how one can swap the X and Y Axis in Excel.

How to Switch X and Y Axis in Excel?

By default, Excel picks the primary chosen collection because the X axis. If you do not need to undergo the trouble of modifying the info, you may merely organize the info you need on the X axis to precede the row with knowledge you need on the Y axis.

Switch Row/Column

You can simply swap your graph’s X and Y axis from the Switch Row/Column choice on the Chart Design ribbon in Excel. This works for nearly all charts besides the scatter and bubble chart.

Follow these steps to change the axes in your graph in MS Excel:

  1. Launch MS Excel to open your workbook.
  2. From your workbook, choose your graph. 
  3. A brand new tab, Chart Design, will seem on the menu bar; Select it.
  4. From the ribbon, find the Data part, then click on the Switch Row/Column choice.SwitchRownAndColumRibbonExcel

From Select Data Source

You may discover the Switch Row/Column button on the Select Data Source window on Excel. You can open the choose knowledge supply window by the Select Data choice on the Chart Design tab. 

Here are the steps you may refer to change X and Y axis in Excel by the Select Data Source window:

  1. Open your Excel file. 
  2. Select the diagram from the workbook. This ought to make the Chart Design tab seem on the menu bar. 
  3. Hop on to Chart Design and click on on the Select Data Source choice from the info part. You may right-click in your diagram and select Select Data to open this window.
  4. On the brand new window, find and choose the Switch Row/Column button. This will mechanically immediate Excel to swap the info worth between the X and Y axis.
  5. Click on OK to verify the modifications.

For Scatter/Bubble Chart

You need to take the longer route if you happen to’ve used the scatter or bubble chart to signify your knowledge. All it’s important to do is interchange the info values of every axis. 

The Switch Row/Column choice is greyed out for these diagrams as the info vary is simply too advanced. However, you may swap the collection worth of all charts from the Select Data Source dialog field in Excel. Follow these steps to swap the values of the X and Y axes:

  1. Open your Excel workbook. 
  2. From your spreadsheet, choose your scattered graph. 
  3. Right-click on the diagram and click on on the Select Data  
  4. A brand new window, Select Data Source, will seem in your display screen. Under Legend Entries (Series), choose Edit.
  5. Copy-paste the worth beneath Series X values and Series Y values.
  6. Select OK on the dialog field. Repeat this step for the Select Data Source window.

What to Do If Switch Row/Column is Greyed Out?

Sometimes, while you swap from the scatter graph to different diagrams the Switch Row/Column button is greyed out. In this case, you’ll have to manually swap the info collection from the X axis to Y axis. 

You can nonetheless edit knowledge the entries to change knowledge from the Select Data Source dialog field by these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel to open your workbook.
  2. Right-click the graph and click on on Select
  3. From the Select Source Data window, choose Edit beneath Legend Enteries (Series)
  4. In the Edit Series window, copy the info beneath Series values, then choose take away the worth. Click OK
  5. Press Windows key + V to open the clipboard and switch it on.
  6. From Select Source Data Window, choose Edit beneath Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels. Copy the info worth beneath the Axis label vary then take away it, then choose OK.
  7. Repeat Step 3 to open the Edit Series dialog field.
  8.  Select Windows key + V to open the clipboard. From the clipboard, copy the Axis label vary worth and paste it beneath Series values. Click OK.UseClipboardtoCopyPasteAxisValue

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