Webpages are the information that make up the World Wide Web. An particular person webpage is a textual content doc written in HTML (hypertext markup language). When a net browser shows a webpage, it interprets the markup language into readable content material. Webpages are hosted on an online server, and the gathering of webpages hosted on the identical domain identify make up a web site.

An particular person webpage consists of a number of completely different components. In addition to the HTML file itself, most webpages embody a cascading type sheet (CSS) that controls how textual content, tables, and different components are formatted. Style sheets could also be embedded within the webpage’s HTML file, or saved as a separate file on the internet server. Images, video, and audio that seem on a webpage are additionally separate information on the internet server, and are loaded with the webpage once you go to it.

A typical webpage consists of an HTML file, style sheet, images, and other resources
A typical webpage consists of an HTML file, type sheet, images, and different assets

A webpage might be both static or dynamic. Static pages present the identical content material every time they’re seen and are saved on the net server as HTML information. Dynamic pages are as a substitute generated on demand each time a browser requests them. These pages are usually written in scripting languages akin to PHP, Perl, ASP, or JSP. The scripts within the pages run capabilities on the server and return the outcomes of these capabilities, like displaying some data from a database. The server returns the requested data as HTML code, so when the web page will get to your browser, it will possibly translate and show the HTML.

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