Web Server

A Web server is a pc system that hosts web sites. It runs Web server software program, resembling Apache or Microsoft IIS, which supplies entry to hosted webpages over the Internet. Most Web servers are linked to the Internet through a high-speed connection, providing OC-3 or quicker knowledge transmission charges. A quick Internet connection permits Web servers to help a number of connections at one time with out slowing down.

Any pc can be utilized as a Web server, so long as it’s linked to the Internet and has the suitable software program put in. However, most Web servers are 1U rack-mounted programs, which means they’re flat, trimmed down computer systems that may be mounted on a server rack. Most Web internet hosting corporations have a number of server racks, which every include a number of servers. This is essentially the most space-efficient technique to host numerous web sites from a single location.

Web servers sometimes host a number of web sites. Some solely host just a few, whereas others might host a number of hundred. Web servers that host web sites for a number of customers are known as “shared hosts.” This is the commonest sort of internet hosting resolution and is used for private websites, small enterprise websites, and web sites run by small organizations. Web servers that solely host web sites for a single particular person or firm are known as “dedicated hosts.” These sorts of servers are acceptable for high-traffic web sites and websites that require customized server modifications. Dedicated hosts are additionally more dependable than shared hosts, since there are fewer websites that may trigger bottlenecks or different points with the server.

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