Stands for “Post Office Protocol.” POP3, generally known as simply “POP,” is a straightforward, standardized methodology of delivering e-mail messages. A POP3 mail server receives e-mails and filters them into the suitable person folders. When a person connects to the mail server to retrieve his mail, the messages are downloaded from mail server to the person’s onerous disk.

When you configure your e-mail shopper, corresponding to Outlook (Windows) or Mail (Mac OS X), you’ll need to enter the kind of mail server your e-mail account makes use of. This will sometimes be both a POP3 or IMAP server. IMAP mail servers are a bit more advanced than POP3 servers and permit e-mail messages to be learn and saved on the server. Many “webmail” interfaces use IMAP mail servers in order that customers can handle all their mail on-line.

Still, most mail servers use the POP3 mail protocol as a result of it’s easy and well-supported. You could must verify together with your ISP or whoever manages your mail account to search out out what settings to make use of for configuring your mail program. If your e-mail account is on a POP3 mail server, you’ll need to enter the proper POP3 server deal with in your e-mail program settings. Typically, that is one thing like “mail.servername.com” or “pop.servername.com.” Of course, to efficiently retrieve your mail, you’ll have to enter a legitimate username and password too.

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