A ping is a sign despatched to a host that requests a response. It serves two main functions: 1) to test if the host is out there and a pair of) to measure how lengthy the response takes.

A ping request could be carried out using a ping command, which is an ordinary command in most command line interfaces. Several network utilities present a ping function, which lets you ping a server by merely getting into the IP tackle or domain title. Most ping packages ship a number of pings and supply a median of the pings on the finish.

To carry out a ping command from a command line interface, merely kind “ping” adopted by the IP tackle or domain title of the host you need to ping (e.g., ping

The ping itself consists of a single packet (usually 32 or 56 bytes) that incorporates an “echo” request. The host, if out there, responds with a single packet as a reply. The ping time, measured in milliseconds, is the spherical journey time for the packet to succeed in the host and for the response to return to the sender.

Ping response occasions are essential as a result of they add overhead to any requests remodeled the Internet. For instance, once you go to a webpage the ping time is added to the time it takes a server to transmit the HTML and associated assets to your laptop. Pings are particularly essential in on-line gaming, the place occasions occur in real-time.

While Internet connection speeds can have an effect on pings, ping response time is usually immediately associated to the bodily distance between the supply and vacation spot methods. Therefore, a quick connection between New York and Tokyo will doubtless have an extended ping than a sluggish connection between New York and Philadelphia. Network congestion could decelerate pings, which is why pings are sometimes used for troubleshooting.

What is a Good Ping Response Time?

  1. < 30 ms – glorious ping; nearly unnoticeable; ideally suited for on-line gaming
  2. 30 to 50 ms – common ping; nonetheless okay for on-line gaming
  3. 50 to 100 ms – considerably sluggish ping time; not too noticeable for net shopping however could have an effect on gaming
  4. 100 ms to 500 ms – sluggish ping; minimal impact on net shopping, however will create noticeable lag in on-line gaming
  5. > 500 ms – pings of a half second or more will add a noticeable delay to all requests; sometimes occurs when the supply and vacation spot are in several components of the world

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