Stands for “Carbon Copy.”

Cc is among the commonplace e mail deal with fields. It is supposed for secondary recipients of a message, whereas the To discipline is for its main recipients. All e mail addresses in a message’s Cc discipline obtain a duplicate of the message, and also will obtain any replies despatched using the Reply All command. The time period comes from the historic use of carbon paper to create copies of written paperwork and forms.

Standard e mail courtesy reserves the Cc discipline for secondary recipients of an e mail message who profit from being knowledgeable of the message’s contents however whose enter is just not essential. The To discipline, then again, is for the first individuals within the alternate. For instance, two coworkers discussing how to separate up duties in a undertaking would alternate emails with one another’s deal with within the To discipline; including their supervisor’s e mail deal with to the Cc discipline will keep them within the loop. In impact, the Cc discipline is an ‘FYI’ discipline.

Every recipient of an e mail can see the addresses in each the To and Cc fields. The Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) deal with discipline is for conditions the place a sender needs to cover a recipient’s e mail deal with from different recipients. The Bcc discipline can keep a single recipient secret or stop recipients of a mass e mail from realizing everybody else’s e mail deal with. Addresses within the Bcc discipline may even not obtain replies if one other recipient sends a Reply All message.

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