Stands for “Jakarta Server Pages,” (previously Java Server Pages).

JSP is a know-how developed by Sun Microsystems for creating dynamic webpages. JSP permits builders to embed Java code inside an HTML web page, creating a mixture of static content material and dynamic habits. JSP is just like different server-side programming and scripting terminologies like ASP and PHP.

Web builders sometimes use JSP for net purposes that require server-side rendering of dynamic content material. JSP pages can comprise a mixture of static HTML content material and Java code, which may accept enter from a consumer or pull data from a database. When the consumer submits a type or different triggering motion, the Java code is executed by the net server and compiled right into a small utility often known as a servlet. The server processes enter from the consumer or database, generates a brand new HTML web page using the generated output, and sends it to the consumer.

JSP executes Java code entirely on the web server, returning only an HTML page with dynamic content
JSP executes Java code completely on the net server, returning solely an HTML web page with dynamic content material

JSP was broadly used for net utility growth up to now, however different net applied sciences are taking its place and gaining recognition. Newer Java template engines like Thymeleaf are more versatile and scalable than legacy JSP know-how for executing server-side purposes. JavaScript frameworks like React, which run the appliance on the consumer aspect as an alternative of the server aspect, are more succesful and responsive than they was once; in addition they are typically simpler for builders to make use of for a lot of instances of net app. JSP know-how remains to be used to keep up legacy methods, however is unusual in new app growth.

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