Epson Printer Is Offline On PC? Here’s How To Fix It

Epson Printer Is Offline On PC? Here’s How To Fix It.

If your Epson printer is offline, begin fixing it by restarting the print spooler service. Your pc can’t talk with the printer with a crashed spooler.

Moving ahead, test for error messages/lights on the printer’s management panel and resolve them.

In case your printer nonetheless refuses to print, it’s almost definitely an problem with the printer driver or the IP tackle task.

Let’s see how to repair them.

Restart the Spooler Service

The print spooler service is a crucial Windows service that manages all printers and print jobs in your pc.

I’ve typically seen this service crash when there’s a pile of print requests caught in a print queue. And it’s one of many main causes your Epson printer goes offline.

There’s nothing to fret although! You can merely restart the service and get your printer on-line. To do it,

  1. Run Command Prompt as
  2. Enter these instructions.
    • internet cease spooler
    • del %systemrootpercentSystem32spoolprinters* /Q
    • internet begin spooler
    • exitusing-command-prompt-to-restart-spooler
  3. See if that works.

Check for Printer Errors

Do you see any error messages flashing in your printer’s display? Or, blinking lights? If sure, your printer is making an attempt to inform you one thing.

For instance, if the Wi-Fi indicator is flashing orange, it means there’s a Wi-Fi error. Most seemingly, your Epson printer will not be linked to Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi indicator will glow orange if there’s a Wi-Fi error

You’ll additionally encounter related errors/flashing lights if there’s a paper jam, low ink degree, or issues with ink cartridges.

In such circumstances, your printer refuses to print and exhibits offline. To repair it, first, restart the printer. If the problem persists after a restart, notice the error and search for fixes accordingly.

Once you kind out the error, comply with these steps to get it on-line.

  1. Choose your printer from the Printers & scanners settings.choose-epson-printer-from-settings
  2. Click Open print
  3. Then uncheck the Use Printer Offline choice.uncheck-use-printer-offline-in-epson-printer
  4. See if that resolves the issue.

Install Printer Drivers

Printers additionally mark themselves offline when there isn’t any driver put in on the pc. To repair it, go to the Epson official web site and obtain the appropriate drivers.

If you’re experiencing points regardless of having drivers, reinstall it. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Printers & scanners from
  2. Choose your Epson printer.choose-epson-printer-from-settings
  3. Uninstall/Remove it.remove-epson-printer-from-computer
  4. Click on Add device > Add manually.add-printer-manually-option
  5. Select the highlighted choice.add-local-printer-option
  6. Choose the port. Choose USB for the wired printer, WSD for the wi-fi printer, and Standard TCP/IP in case you added a wi-fi printer using an IP tackle.choosing-port-for-a-printer
  7. Pick the Epson driver > Next.choose-epson-printer-driver
  8. Replace it.replace-the-current-driver-option

Configure the Sleep Timer Settings

Most of the Epson printers are, by default, configured to enter sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. The producer does declare that the printer wakes up mechanically after sending a print job. But it may not all the time work.

With that stated, your pc cannot talk with the printer and exhibits the printer offline error. So I counsel you to vary the sleep timer settings to forestall such points later. To do it,

  1. Go to Settings > Printers &
  2. Select your Epson printer and open its Printing Preferences.printing-preferences-of-epson-printer
  3. On the brand new window that opens, go to Maintenance and select this.printer-and-option-information-in-epson-printer
  4. As you possibly can see, my Epson L805 is configured to sleep after 3 minutes and shut down after half-hour. Similarly, see yours and alter them to the best accessible worth.power-off-timer-and-sleep-timer-in-epson-printer
  5. Click Send > OK.

Fix IP Address Conflicts

Similar to different network gadgets, printers additionally get a DHCP IP tackle from a Wi-Fi router. Meaning, they’re assigned new IPs when the lease time of the present IP expires.

When this occurs, it creates a battle between the printer’s present IP and the IP set in your PC. This prevents the PC from recognizing the printer, making it offline.

That’s why it is best to all the time assign static IP to printers. Once the static IP tackle is ready,

  1. Open the Printers & scanners settings > click on Add device > Add manually.add-printer-manually-option
  2. Choose the choice that claims Add printer by IP.add-printer-using-ip-option
  3. Follow the directions. That will set up your Epson printer using static IP.enter-ip-address-to-add-printer

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