Stands for “Internet Connection Sharing.”

ICS is a software program service that permits one laptop to share a direct Internet reference to different computer systems over a native network. It permits the host laptop to behave as a gateway, directing site visitors between close by computer systems and the Internet. Windows, macOS, and Unix-based working techniques all help some type of ICS.

Since the Internet connection solely offers a single IP handle, a pc internet hosting a shared Internet connection makes use of DHCP and NAT to ahead information packets between the Internet and the computer systems on the native network. The host laptop will need to have a direct connection to the Internet by way of a modem or one other gateway device (like an ONT). It should even have one other network interface it might use to share that connection. For instance, if the host laptop has each Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters, it might hook up with a cable or DSL modem by way of Ethernet and share that connection over Wi-Fi. Once the precise connections are in place, you possibly can allow ICS on the adapter with the Internet connection to share it by way of the opposite adapter.

A Windows computer sharing its Internet connection
A Windows laptop sharing its Internet connection

Windows 98 was the primary house working system that supported sharing an Internet connection. It was most frequently used to share one laptop’s dial-up Internet reference to different computer systems within the house. However, it’s now more widespread for a house Internet connection to attach on to a network’s router, which shares it with the remainder of the house network.

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