ICQ is a well-liked on-line messaging program. It is much like instantaneous messaging packages like AIM and Yahoo! Messenger, however permits customers to enter chat rooms and chat with a number of customers at one time. Therefore, ICQ (which is brief for “I seek you”) is more of a community-oriented chat program than different messaging packages.

Since this system was launched in 1996, ICQ has gone by a number of main revisions. It has advanced from a fundamental messaging program to a communications software that permits customers to work together in many various methods. For instance, ICQ now helps voice, video, and VoIP communications and can be utilized to ship textual content messages to cell phones through SMS. Programs like ICQ2Go, the ICQ Toolbar, and ICQmail, have all been developed as further instruments for ICQ customers.

ICQ stays community-oriented and gives a number of sorts of chat rooms, categorized by age, location, life, beliefs, and different classifications. Users can be a part of chat rooms using the ICQ software program or through the Web interface at ICQ.com.

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