Stands for “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.”

ICANN is a non-profit group that coordinates and manages the Internet’s domain title system (DNS) and the allocation of IP addresses. It was fashioned in 1998 and is registered and headquartered in California, working as a partnership with representatives around the globe. By making certain that domains and IP addresses are distinctive identifiers with out duplication, ICANN helps keep the Internet steady and globally accessible.

ICANN performs a number of essential features which can be required to maintain the Internet working:

  • Allocate IP Addresses: ICANN is the highest authority for the distribution of IP addresses. Each IP tackle on the Internet should be distinctive — if two separate internet servers had the identical tackle, different computer systems wouldn’t know which server they have been speaking with. Since there are greater than 4 billion distinctive IPv4 addresses, ICANN can’t allocate each individually; as a substitute, they distribute blocks of addresses to regional Internet registries (RIRs), who then allocate smaller blocks to governments, organizations, and Internet service suppliers (ISPs).
  • Manage the Domain Name System: ICANN delegates the administration of every top-level domain (like .com and .biz) to a separate registry firm. Each registry maintains a listing of every domain inside its TLD with its related IP tackle, which different computer systems can use to lookup a selected web site’s internet server.
  • Coordinate Root DNS Servers: There are a complete of 13 root DNS servers, every run by a separate operator. ICANN works with all of them to coordinate their operations in order that DNS data is at all times present.
  • Develop Policy: ICANN works with different Internet know-how stakeholders (together with governments, companies, and technical specialists) to develop clear and truthful insurance policies for managing IP addresses, domains, and different name-and-number sources.

It is essential to notice that ICANN has no management over content material on the Internet or any specific web site. Instead, their focus is solely on the administration of Internet sources and the coordination of essential features essential to keep the Internet accessible.

NOTE: More details about ICANN’s mission may be discovered at icann.org.

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