Most Web navigation is completed by clicking text-based hyperlinks that open new pages in a Web browser. These hyperlinks, which are sometimes blue and underlined, are known as hypertext, since they permit the consumer to leap from web page to web page. Hypermedia is an extension of hypertext that permits images, films, and Flash animations to be linked to different content material.

The commonest kind of hypermedia is a picture hyperlink. Photos or graphics on the Web are sometimes linked to different pages. For instance, clicking a small “thumbnail” image might open a bigger model of the image in a brand new window. Clicking a promotional graphic might direct you to an advertiser’s web site. Flash animations and movies may also be become hyperlinks by embedding a number of hyperlinks that seem throughout playback.

You can inform if a picture or video is a hyperlink by transferring the cursor over it. If the cursor modifications right into a small hand, which means the image or video is linked to a different web page. Clicking the textual content, image, or video will open up a brand new location in your Web browser. Therefore, you must solely click on a hypertext or hypermedia hyperlink if you end up prepared to go away the present web page. If you wish to open the hyperlink in a brand new window, you may often proper click on the hyperlink and choose “Open Link in New Window.”

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