HTML5 is the fifth main customary of HTML. Development of the usual started in 2007 and HTML5 web sites began changing into mainstream in 2010. The remaining HTML5 customary was formally standardized by W3C on October 28, 2014.

The earlier HTML customary, HTML 4.01, was standardized in 1999 – fifteen years earlier than the HTML5 customary was revealed. However, within the decade previous HTML5, most web sites had been written in XHTML, a more strict model of HTML revealed in 2000. HTML5 was designed to supersede each HTML 4 and XHTML by offering net builders with an easier customary that features a number of new options for the trendy net.

The desk beneath features a checklist of latest parts, or tags, launched in HTML5 which are used to outline the construction of a doc.

Tag Description
<header> Defines the webpage header
<footer> Defines the web page footer
<nav> Defines the navigation bar
<essential> Defines the primary content material of a webpage
<article> Defines an article inside a web page
<part> Defines a piece of a doc or article
<apart> Defines content material exterior a web page’s major content material

These tags simplify the webpage’s supply in addition to the corresponding CSS kinds. For instance, so as to outline a navigation component in XHTML, you’ll usually write “<div class=”nav”> in the page’s HTML and define a class called “.nav” in CSS. In HTML5, you can simply insert the <nav> tag within the HTML and magnificence the component itself using CSS.

HTML5 consists of a number of different new tags as effectively. Examples embody <canvas> and <svg> for graphics and <audio> and <video> for multimedia parts. These tags present new capabilities for net builders, although you will need to observe that HTML5 nonetheless depends closely on CSS and JavaScript for web page styling, animations, and person interplay. Therefore, most interactive HTML5 web sites are constructed using a mixture of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript or jQuery.

NOTE: Previous HTML requirements included an area between the “HTML” and the quantity (i.e., HTML 1.0, HTML 4.01). HTML 5.0 does away with the area and is formally written as HTML5.

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