Dynamic Website

Dynamic web sites comprise Web pages which might be generated in real-time. These pages embody Web scripting code, equivalent to PHP or ASP. When a dynamic web page is accessed, the code inside the web page is parsed on the Web server and the ensuing HTML is distributed to the shopper’s Web browser.

Most massive web sites are dynamic since they’re simpler to take care of than static web sites. This is as a result of static pages every comprise distinctive content material, which means they should be manually opened, edited, and revealed each time a change is made. Dynamic pages, then again, entry info from a database. Therefore, to change the content material of a dynamic web page, the webmaster could solely have to update a database report. This is particularly useful for big websites that comprise a whole bunch or hundreds of pages. It additionally makes it potential for a number of customers to update the content material of a web site with out enhancing the structure of the pages.

Dynamic web sites that entry info from a database are additionally referred to as database-driven web sites.

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