Stands for “Blind Carbon Copy.” Bcc is an e-mail subject that lets you “blind” copy a number of recipients. It is much like the Cc subject, however e-mail addresses listed within the Bcc subject are hidden from all recipients.

When you Bcc somebody, that individual receives a single copy of the e-mail. He or she won’t obtain any replies to the message. Therefore, blind carbon copying is a helpful option to share an e-mail with a number of customers who need not comply with the e-mail thread.

It is sweet netiquette to make use of the Bcc subject when sending an e-mail to a big group of individuals. Hiding the recipient listing protects customers’ privacy and prevents the e-mail addresses from being shared unintentionally. However, if recipients ought to know who else obtained the message, it’s best to make use of the Cc subject.

To vs. Cc vs. Bcc

Generally, it’s best to use the To subject for the first recipient(s) — the individuals to whom the message is addressed. Secondary recipients who ought to comply with the e-mail thread belong within the Cc subject. If you wish to ship a duplicate of the e-mail to others for reference, the Bcc subject is sensible.

NOTE: Bcc’d recipients can nonetheless see the e-mail addresses listed within the To and Cc fields.

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