An autoresponder is a script that routinely replies to emails despatched to a particular e mail handle. It could also be used for away messages, e mail confirmations, or for a number of different functions.

Autoresponders might be configured on a mail server or using an e mail shopper. When configured on a mail server, the server routinely sends response emails whereas the autoresponder is lively. Server-based autoresponders are sometimes configured using a webmail interface. For instance, Gmail offers a “vacation reply” for this function. They can be created by a server administrator for a number of e mail addresses. cPanel, a well-liked hosting platform for Linux, permits admins to handle autoresponders by logging into the management panel for a particular account and deciding on Email → Autoresponders.

To arrange an autoresponder using a mail shopper, you sometimes create a “rule.” For instance, you may add a rule that routinely replies to messages despatched to a particular e mail handle. This kind of rule works effectively as soon as it has been configured, however the mail shopper have to be open to ensure that the autoresponder to work. If you arrange a trip reply in your mail program on your house laptop, then flip off your laptop earlier than you permit, the autoresponder won’t work.

When establishing an auto-reply on a server, you might be able to enter a date vary for when it’s lively. If the autoresponder doesn’t flip off routinely, it’s a good suggestion to set a reminder for your self to show it off if you return.

NOTE: Email “bounce” messages are despatched routinely, however usually are not thought-about autoresponders since they aren’t configured by customers.

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