3G is a set of third era mobile information applied sciences. The first era (1G) was launched in 1982, whereas the second era of mobile information applied sciences (2G) grew to become standardized within the early Nineteen Nineties. 3G applied sciences had been launched as early as 2001, however didn’t acquire widespread use till 2007.

In order to be labeled “3G,” a mobile information switch normal should meet a set of specs outlined by the International Telecommunications Union, generally known as IMT-2000. For instance, all 3G requirements should present a peak information switch fee of at the least 2 Mbps. Most 3G requirements, nevertheless, present a lot quicker switch charges of as much as 14.4 Mbps.

While many cellular phone corporations market telephones with “3G technology,” there isn’t any single 3G normal. Rather, totally different corporations use their very own applied sciences to realize related information switch charges. For instance, AT&T makes use of a 3G expertise primarily based on GSM, whereas Verizon makes use of a expertise primarily based on CDMA. Additionally, cellular phone networks exterior the United States use totally different IMT-2000 compliant requirements to realize 3G information switch speeds.

3G precedes 4G, the fourth era of mobile information applied sciences.

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