Why Is My Laptop Battery Swelling? How Can I Fix It

Why Is My Laptop Battery Swelling? How Can I Fix It.

Your laptop computer battery can swell on account of any of those causes:

  • Manufacturing defects just like the improper dimension of the cathode-anode separator.
  • Physical injury to the battery throughout laptop computer motion.
  • Faulty overcharging.
  • Over the time degradation of electrolyte or cathode-anode separator

In such circumstances, your battery turns into unusable, and the one viable possibility is to change it with a brand new one.

Warning: Immediately cease charging the battery if you happen to see the swelling, as additional charging may trigger it to swell additional or, in excessive circumstances, even explode.

Remove and Replace the Battery

If your laptop computer has an exterior battery, slide the latch/es on the back of the laptop computer to pop the battery out.

The course of to take away an inside battery is barely complicated and differs from one device to a different.

If you’re caught, I like to recommend trying out the disassembly movies to your particular laptop computer mannequin.

Note: Before eradicating the inner battery, verify in case your guarantee remains to be legitimate. If so, take your laptop computer to an official service middle or vendor. They might disassemble the laptop computer and set up a substitute battery at no cost. Otherwise, it’s best to do it your self.

Here, I will probably be engaged on my Dell Inspiron 15 7566 laptop computer to information you thru the final steps.

First, shut down the laptop computer and lay it on a clear work desk. Then,

  1. Unfasten all of the screws on the back. And take away the back panel.
  2. Look for the battery cable and disconnect it. Then, unfasten all of the screws holding the battery in place.
  3. Take out the battery. Some different fashions might use adhesives to connect the battery. In such circumstances, use the prying instruments to softly detach it.remove-swelling-battery-from-laptop
  4. Now, reverse the above steps to change the battery with the brand new one to your laptop computer mannequin. Try getting a real battery if attainable.

Dispose of the Battery


After eradicating the battery, eliminate it as quickly as attainable to a battery recycler. You also can ship it to recycling options below shops like Staples, Battery Plus, and so forth.

Keep the next issues in thoughts for protected disposal:

  • Don’t drop, puncture, or jostle the battery. The battery might leak dangerous gasses and trigger severe well being and fireplace hazards.
  • Until you drop it off, place it away from flammable objects and inside a steel, clay container, or any fire-rated field.
  • You also can use antistatic baggage if the swelling shouldn’t be an excessive amount of.
  • Don’t use different e-waste recyclers because of the potential fireplace hazards.

How to Prevent Laptop Battery from Swelling?


It shouldn’t be attainable to repair a swelling battery. But you can begin making use of many protected practices to keep away from comparable points sooner or later. Such practices embody:

  • If your charger will get damaged, change it with a real charger with the correct energy scores.
  • Don’t keep it plugged in on a regular basis. Having a full cost constantly can stress the battery and have an effect on its lifespan.
  • If it’s important to keep it plugged in, use battery limiting options that set the max battery capability to 85 or 60%.
  • On the identical observe, keep away from having the battery degree drop beneath 25-20% as properly.
  • When charging, use surge suppressors to guard the charger and laptop computer from potential energy surges.
  • Use the laptop computer in a well-ventilated and clear room on a flat floor to forestall overheating it.
  • Use stands or cooling pads if obligatory, particularly if you’re using the laptop computer on the mattress.
  • Regularly clear or service your laptop computer to keep away from any battery and overheating points.

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