What Happens If Your PSU Is Underpowered?

What Happens If Your PSU Is Underpowered?.

I strongly suggest to not use an underpowered PSU. If your system tries to attract more energy than the PSU can provide, you’ll encounter issues like random freezes, overheating, diminished effectivity, and fan noise.

In the worst case, the PSU may even fry your system.

One exception is high-end PSUs that include the OverPowerSafety function. In case of over-power-draw, these sorts of PSUs will shut down to guard the system from any injury.

Let’s take a look at two frequent instances to raised perceive the potential dangers of using an underpowered PSU.

Case 1: If Power Draw Exceeds Rated Output Power of PSU

PSUs with OPP options are a lot safer on the time of over-power-draw. For instance, a 650-watt PSU will shut down if the system’s energy draw surpasses the 650W restrict.

Some producers do present just a little wiggle room, so the ability provide journeys solely after the ability draw reaches 110% to 150% of the PSU wattage.

But that’s not a problem both. Your energy provide continues to be going to close down.

Sadly, this isn’t the case with non-OPP energy provides. You’ll in all probability expertise crashes, undesirable restarts, and possibly even blue display errors.

The actual drawback is the worst-case situation. Although the possibilities are minimal, overloading low-cost PSUs would possibly even put your parts on fireplace.

So, if you happen to odor one thing uncommon from the PSU, seize the ability wire shortly and pull it out. Don’t take a danger.

Note: You might discover folks speaking about how underpowered PSU bottlenecks or throttles the efficiency of your PC. But that’s utterly deceptive.

There’s no approach PC parts can talk with the PSU concerning the remaining energy. They keep drawing the ability assuming the PSU can provide it.

In case the ability provide fails to satisfy the calls for, it’ll merely crash or shut down.

Case 2: If the PSU Lacks Sufficient Headroom

The second situation is that if your system energy draw doesn’t exceed the PSU’s wattage however is near the utmost capability.

As the PSU is working at or close to the edge, its effectivity will likely be lowest.

The PSU has to attract more watts from the wall to satisfy the system’s necessities. This causes more energy wastage within the type of warmth.

In such instances, the PSU followers spin at increased RPM to counter the overheating. This considerably will increase the fan noise and reduces the lifespan of fan bearings in the long term.

Sometimes, the excessive temperature might even set off the thermal cutout circuit within the PSU and shut it down utterly.


There’s no drawback using an underpowered PSU till a brand new one arrives. Just make sure that the present PSU is supplied with the OverPowerSafety function.

You can both take a look at the PSU packaging or producer specs on-line to find out about it. In case there’s no OPP, keep away from using it.

OverPowerSafety function talked about within the PSU packaging

What’s higher is that you simply go to PCPartPicker, choose your parts, and know the beneficial energy of your system. Compare it with the rated output energy of the PSU and ensure there’s clearance of no less than 15-20%.

If the system’s energy requirement surpasses the rated output energy of a PSU, cease using the ability provide instantly and get a brand new one as an alternative.

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