How To Check If Your CPU Has Integrated Graphics

How To Check If Your CPU Has Integrated Graphics.

Intel CPUs with suffixes F or KF of their identify wouldn’t have built-in graphics. For AMD, solely CPUs ending with the letter G have built-in GPUs. 

Although this reasoning nonetheless holds true for Intel, it’s not the case for the newer AMD APUs. All the processors from the AMD 700 sequence have built-in graphics. 

So, first that you must know what CPU you’ve got. Then, you may both examine the suffix (and sequence for AMD) or the specification web page.

For Intel Desktop Processor

The identify to your Intel processor most likely appears to be like one thing like this, Intel Core I5 13600K. Here, the processor technology and producer don’t matter.

All that you must do is check out the suffix. It is the letter on the finish of the CPU identify as proven under:

intel processor name suffix
Intel I5 thirteenth Generation Processor

In my case, the suffix is Ok. So, the Intel Core I5-13600K helps built-in graphics.

Note: Intel processor with none suffix additionally has an iGPU.

Alternatively, you may examine the CPU specification to find out whether or not the Intel processor has an iGPU. Here is how.

  1. Go to Intel’s official web site.
  2. Click on Search and kind your CPU website check cpu specs
  3. Select the merchandise on the listing that matches your CPU.
  4. Go to the Specification tab and scroll all the way down to GPU specification. If the specs doesn’t have it, know that your CPU doesn’t help processor specification check

For AMD Desktop Processor

For all of the AMD customers, the CPU identify most likely goes like this, Ryzen 5 5600G. Here, you want the suffix together with the sequence for AMD CPUs.

Check out the determine under to decide the sequence and suffix to your Ryzen processor.

amd cpu name suffix
AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Processor

As talked about beforehand, all Ryzen 7000 sequence CPUs have built-in GPUs within the I/O die.

For Ryzen processors apart from the 7000 sequence, that you must examine the letter on the finish. Only these ending with the G are outfitted with built-in graphics and are referred to as APUs (Accelerated Processing Units).

Like in Intel, you may decide whether or not the AMD processor has iGPU using its specification sheet:

  1. Head over to AMD’s official web site.
  2. Click on the search icon, kind the CPU identify and press Enter.amd official website search processor
  3. Click on the merchandise from the listing that matches your CPU.
  4. Select Specification and search Graphics Capabilities.check graphic capabilities amd website
  5. CPUs with out iGPU wouldn’t have a separate part named Graphics Capabilities within the specification.

For Laptop Processors

All laptop computer CPUs include an built-in GPU whatever the model. Even if it has a devoted graphics card, it’s outfitted with an built-in one for certain.

The graphical workload on laptops is split between built-in and devoted GPUs. The iGPU handles mild duties like displaying the general desktop, its icons, mouse actions, and so forth. 

The devoted GPU takes over when it must carry out graphics-intensive duties. This could possibly be video rendering, high-resolution video enhancing, or body technology in video games.

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