Excel Mouse Scroll Not Working? Try These Fixes

Excel Mouse Scroll Not Working? Try These Fixes.

Are you having a tough time scrolling on Excel? This problem could also be affecting your productiveness. Worry not, the fixes are very easy and will probably be solved very quickly. 

Microsoft Excel has sure options that disable scrolling. Features like “Freeze panes” and “IntelliMouse” prohibit you from scrolling. Your Excel worksheet won’t reply to scrolling. Or, while you use the mouse wheel, it’d zoom as an alternative of scrolling.

We’ve compiled all attainable causes for this problem together with its fixes.

Why Is My Mouse Scroll Not Working in Excel?

The commonest reason for this problem is frozen panes. “Freeze panes” is a function on Microsoft excel. You can freeze sure rows and columns in order that they are going to be seen whilst you work on different columns. While the rows and columns are frozen, you can’t scroll by them. You might need turned this on unintentionally.

However, there are different components which may have precipitated your mouse scroll to not work in Excel. The causes are listed beneath:

  • Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse function turned on
  • Dialog field not closed
  • Hidden Columns

How to Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working in Excel?

This problem is fairly widespread amongst Excel customers. Especially, those that simply began using Excel. Fortunately, the fixes are pretty simple, so that you don’t want to fret.

Before going by the opposite fixes, you possibly can test if any dialog packing containers are open. When you increase a software from the ribbon, a brand new window opens with extra settings. The window is known as a dialog field.

You might need opened a dialog field and forgot to shut it. When a dialog field is open, you can’t scroll. So, be sure to have closed all the opposite Excel windows.

If that isn’t the case for you, chances are you’ll strive the opposite fixes:

Unfreeze Panes

You might need hassle scrolling by your worksheet since you unintentionally turned on “freeze panes”. To flip this off, you possibly can comply with these steps:

  1. Go to the View tab on the highest a part of your display screen.
  2. Select Unfreeze Panes.unfreeze-panels

Disable IntelliMouse

“Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse” is a function on Excel that when turned on shrinks and enlarges Excel cells with the mouse wheel. When that is turned on, your scroll wheel is used for altering the scale of Excel cells. To flip this off, comply with these steps:

  1. Click on the File tab in Excel.
  2. Go to Options.options
  3. Click on the “Advanced” choice.
  4. Uncheck “Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse

Unhide Columns

If you see a double line between columns, it signifies that the columns are hidden. It is feasible that you’ve hidden all of the columns. And, that is likely to be the rationale why you possibly can’t scroll. To unhide the columns, you possibly can comply with these steps:

  1. Click on the Double Line between the columns.
  2. Right-click on it and choose Unhide.

Check Your Keyboard

The keyboard may additionally be accountable for this problem. You is likely to be holding your shift key or your Ctrl key. Holding the shift key disables scrolling and holding the Ctrl key modifications the operate of the mouse wheel to zooming as an alternative of scrolling. The keys might need gotten caught. In this case, it’s good to clear your keyboard.

Also, test in case your scroll lock is on. A number of customers neglect scroll lock and which may simply be the rationale to your problem. Also, examine your touchpad. Look if there’s one thing interrupting the touchpad, equivalent to your arms, which might additionally trigger this problem.

Related Questions

Can I Use Excel Without a Mouse?

It is feasible to make use of Excel totally on Keyboard. Using Excel with a keyboard is way more environment friendly than using a mouse. However, it’s important to be proficient with the shortcuts in Excel. So, you may need to seek for an inventory of shortcuts in Excel and be taught them. After you memorize them, you’ll discover using Excel a lot simpler. 

Why Can’t I Scroll Through a Dropdown List in Excel?

You might need seen which you can solely use the arrow keys to scroll by a dropdown listing in Excel. However, you should use the mouse wheel to scroll by them. To do that, it’s important to hover your cursor over the scroll bar within the dropdown menu. 

How to Scroll Using Arrow Keys in Excel?

You can scroll by an Excel worksheet using arrow keys. If you aren’t ready to do that, your scroll lock is likely to be turned on. You might contemplate turning off the scroll lock earlier than you utilize the arrow keys. If you don’t have a scroll lock in your keyboard, you should use a digital keyboard. 

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