How To Tame A Brontosaurus: Everything You Should Know

How To Tame A Brontosaurus: Everything You Should Know.

The Brontosaurus is one in all ARK’s creatures that you may’t miss – actually. It’s such an enormous, heavy dinosaur that its steps shake the bottom and are the bane of virtually any base they spawn close to. However, the Brontosaurus is a really helpful and dependable tame for many solo gamers or tribes – so long as you’re keen to arrange for the taming course of.

Brontosaurus Basics

Before you got down to tame a Brontosaurus, it is best to take into account what you’re stepping into and what you may achieve out of your efforts.

Bronto Utility


A Brontosaurus might sound fundamental at first look, however it will probably fulfill many roles for any play fashion.

  • Base Defense: A Brontosaurus isn’t quick, however it will probably pack a punch when it has to combat different survivors or tames. If you publish just a few Brontosaurus guards with the proper settings in order that they interact with those that infringe in your base, you’ll have a hard-hitting protection that may make attackers sweat.
  • Tank: If you want one thing to take injury from aggressive creatures or weaponry, the Bronto can deal with it. It has an enormous well being pool and might take lots of injury, particularly in case you use a number of tames without delay.
  • Traveling Base: You can equip a platform saddle on the Bronto to create a touring base. You received’t get wherever quick, however you should have more mobility than a regular base.
  • Harvesting: A Bronto is nice at harvesting Berries, Plant Species X Seeds, and Thatch. If you want any of those and have a tamed Bronto close by, hop on and refill. 
  • Transport: While a Brontosaurus isn’t very quick, it will probably deal with a really full, heavy stock – that means you might want to make fewer journeys. If you’re going via hazardous terrain, examine to make sure it isn’t too weighed down to maneuver and that you’ve some harmful guards to assist guarantee its security. 
  • Building Assistance: If you’re bored with chopping down timber to construct, let the Bronto have a flip. Use its AOE motion to take away every little thing within the space, leaving a transparent area so that you can make your base. 

The Brontosaurus additionally lays an Extra Large Egg, which you’ll be able to retailer to make use of in kibble recipes for future tames. 

Finding a Bronto

While they aren’t the most typical spawns, look in grassy areas and sea-level places to seek out Brontos. They don’t usually match nicely into forests or slim areas. I’ve hardly ever seen them in extremely harsh environments with lava or different pure risks. 


Check out starter areas to discover a Bronto that meets your wants. Consider the coloring and degree earlier than deciding which you need to tame. 

How to Tame a Brontosaurus in ARK?

Once you perceive simply how beneficial a tamed Bronto will be, it’s pure to need to run out and tame one. However, a profitable taming course of begins by making ready and figuring out what you’ll face. 

Preparing for The Hunt

To put together for the hunt, resolve the way you need to assault the Bronto. There are just a few completely different strategies that skilled tamers use to carry them down.

  • Skip the melee weapons as a result of the Bronto has a knockback assault that may ship you flying. Stock up on a Crossbow or Longneck Rifle with Tranq Arrows or Tranq Darts, relying. I want using the Rifle and Darts as a result of they work faster, but it surely all comes all the way down to what you may entry.
  • My favourite technique is to have a buddy elevate me with their flying mount after which hover above the Bronto. Once you’re in place and certain you’re out of its vary, simply keep taking pictures till it goes unconscious. 
  • You may create a stone or steel security room to shelter you from the dinosaur. You received’t be hit so long as you’re inside – although a Bronto can injury many buildings. 

Choose the tactic you need to use earlier than you begin as a result of every requires completely different preparations.

Make certain you will have your weapon of selection and sufficient Tranq to knock it out, irrespective of the way you need to tame it.

Decide whether or not you need to run and kite, fly over the Bronto, or make a constructing to cover in. If you’re going to assault it head-on, put together some good armor to maintain your self secure. If you need to fly, make sure that a buddy with an applicable mount is offered. To put together a taking pictures room, collect the items wanted to finish it earlier than you exit on the hunt. 

Knocking It Out

The most difficult a part of knocking out the Bronto is ensuring it falls unconscious in a secure location. An unconscious Brontosaurus seems rather a lot like meals to roaming predators who will aggress on the dinosaur and eat it earlier than it wakes up.


You can draw the Bronto to a secure location with a quick mount or flyer. Just be sure to keep attacking it in order that it follows you till it reaches a secure sufficient place the place you may end the method and knock it out. For instance, you might need to transfer it to a more starter-friendly space with fewer harmful beasts. Or you might want to maneuver it to a room you ready in your personal security. 

Once it’s in the proper spot, begin taking pictures, and don’t cease till it passes out. 

If you may’t discover a secure sufficient location close to a Bronto you need to tame, carry guards that may combat off any aggressive dinosaurs within the space till your new tame wakes. 

Taming Food

The Brontosaurus prefers Exceptional Kibble however may also eat most berries – although it likes the Mejoberry. You may feed it Fresh Barley, Fresh Wheat, Soybeans, or Dried Wheat in case you play on a server with Primitive Plus enabled.

Using Exceptional Kibble is your best guess as a result of it’ll make the taming course of go considerably quicker than some other possibility. For instance, a degree 150 Bronto fed Exceptional Kibble will take simply over 34 minutes to tame. If you offered Fresh Barley, it will take a bit greater than 4 hours and quarter-hour. If you fed it Dried Wheat, it will take greater than eight hours.

Exceptional Kibble Recipe

Exception Kibble isn’t too onerous to make so long as you will have the proper substances. It requires:

  • An Extra Large egg can come from any creature that lays this sort. 
  • 5 Fibers, a typical useful resource in any starter zone on most ARK maps.
  • 10 Mejoberries
  • 1 Rare Flower
  • 1 Water
  • 1 Focal Chil

The Focal Chili is a recipe you need to make by itself earlier than you may make Exceptional Kibble. To accomplish that:

  1. Open the Cooking Pot stock.
  2. Add 9 Cooked Meat, Cooked Meat Jerky, or Cooked Fish Meat.
  3. Add 5 Citronal, a plant it’s important to develop and harvest.
  4. Add 20 every of Tintoberry, Amarberry, and Azulberry.
  5. Add 10 Mejoberries.
  6. Add one unit of water. You should put it in a jar or waterskin so as to add it to the recipe.
  7. Start the fireplace. You don’t should do the rest as a result of the Cooking Pot crafts what it will probably from the included substances. 
  8. Wait for the Cooking Pot to craft the recipe. You can transfer the Focal Chili into your stock when it’s performed.

Now you will have all of the substances for the Exceptional Kibble. Add every to a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, gentle the fireplace, and anticipate the Exceptional Kibble to craft.

Taming the Bronto

To tame the Bronto, knock it out after which let it eat taming meals till it wakes.

  1. Engage the Bronto on the location and in the way in which you’ve chosen. Shoot at it, ready a second between photographs to see the way it responds. When it passes out, cease taking pictures and transfer so you may entry Bronto’s stock.
  2. Press the stock key and drag the Exceptional Kibble out of your stock to the Bronto’s.
  3. Wait for the Bronto to undergo all of the taming meals. It ought to eat mechanically when it will get hungry sufficient. Ensure solely the taming meals is in its stock – except you’re using Dried Wheat. If you utilize Dried Wheat, add a major quantity of Narcotic, choose it, and select to Use it when the Bronto’s torpidity goes low. All different taming meals ought to be capable of full the method with out the torpidity dipping.
    wait to go through foods
  4. Name your Bronto when the taming pop-up seems. 

As quickly as you see the taming pop-up, you need to enter the brand new title and the choices you would like in your tamed dinosaur to make use of.

Options for Your Tamed Bronto

Most settings are solely essential as a result of they let the Bronto do issues like mate or collect. You can alter and readjust these as you see match with out hazard. However, you need to change the tamed dinosaur aggression settings as quickly as you’ve tamed your Bronto.

Choose the one which best works in your functions however do not forget that even a tame as sturdy as a Bronto can die.

  • Passive Flee: It means the dinosaur received’t assault and can run away till it isn’t at risk. 
  • Passive: It means it received’t transfer or assault if engaged. Anything can kill the Bronto like this with no protection. Do not use this setting and not using a particular goal.
  • Neutral: It means the Bronto received’t assault except somebody in its tribe or a construction that belongs to the tribe is attacked.
  • Attack Your Target: It makes the Bronto assault something you, your allies, allied creatures, or turrets do.
  • Aggressive: It signifies that the Bronto assaults something that isn’t an ally. This setting isn’t usually the best choice as a result of individuals can aggro your tame and transfer it away out of your base.

Choose your aggression settings properly, even earlier than you begin directing the dinosaur residence. 

How to Care for a Tamed Brontosaurus?

There isn’t a lot to do upon getting a Brontosaurus. Keep it away from different creatures that might injury it, add berries to its stock, and guarantee it’s all the time on the proper aggression settings for its supposed goal. Your tame ought to be glad and wholesome in case you try this. 

Saddle Options for Tamed Brontosaurus

The two saddle choices for a Brontosaurus are the Bronto Saddle and the Platform Saddle.

The Bronto Saddle provides 20 armor to your tame. You can create them when you unlock the engram at degree 63 or discover them in Red Supply Drops. It requires 350 hides, 185 fibers, and 40 steel ingots.

The Bronto Platform saddle provides 25 armor and unlocks at degree 82. It requires 550 hides, 325 fibers, 125 silica pearls, 90 steel ingots, and 45 cementing paste. With this saddle, you may construct a cell base by constructing buildings proper on the platform. Builder beware: if the Bronto dies, every little thing on it is going to be broken and certain destroyed. 

Brontosaurus Leveling Options

The factors you get when your Brontosaurus positive aspects a degree ought to be assigned strategically. Since there aren’t many factors, it’s best to try to put them the place they would be the most helpful.

  • For transport, add factors to hurry and stamina. If you’re going to make use of it as a pack mule, put them in carrying weight.
  • Add factors to break, stamina, well being, or pace for a fighter. It depends upon the place you should have them stationed and the way a lot injury you anticipate them taking.
  • For a gatherer, practice weight, stamina, and motion pace. Movement pace is much less vital in case you’re going to collect or AOE clear land nearer your base and more necessary in case you intend to take lengthy journeys for these. 

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