Telnet is a protocol for connecting from one laptop to a different using a text-based command line interface. Telnet connections could be remodeled an area network or over the Internet.

Making a Telnet connection requires a consumer utility on the native laptop (the place instructions are typed) and a Telnet server working on the distant laptop (the place the instructions are carried out). Once linked, the command line on the consumer will likely be handled as if it have been on the server, accepting enter and displaying output.

A telnet client connected to a telnet server
A telnet consumer linked to a telnet server

The Telnet protocol was first developed in 1969 to allow laptop customers at universities and analysis establishments to make use of their room-sized mainframe computer systems from smaller, more conveniently-located laptop terminals. Since it was designed to be used on an area network, earlier than the Internet even existed, it doesn’t encrypt its visitors. Information, together with person names and passwords, is shipped as plain textual content and could be simply learn if intercepted by a 3rd celebration, so Telnet is not extensively used. Other protocols, like SSH, at the moment are used as a substitute.

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