Stands for “Pay Per Lead.” PPL is just like CPL, however measures the price per lead from the advertiser’s perspective. For instance, if an advertiser pays $500 for 1,000 leads, the advertiser’s common PPL is $0.50 ($500 ? 1000). Leads could be something from fundamental web page views to product purchases or new service signups. Leads that generate more income typically have a better PPL.

Advertisers typically monitor PPL to measure the effectiveness of sure advertisements. By evaluating the common income per result in the PPL value, the advertiser can decide if the advertisements are growing or lowering revenue. For instance, if a the common return on a lead is $0.80 and the PPL is $0.50, there’s a mean revenue of $0.30 per advert. However, if the common return is lower than $0.50, the advertisements needs to be modified or stopped because the leads value greater than the income they’re producing.

“PPL” can also be utilized in on-line chat as an abbreviation for “people.”

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