An outbox is the place outgoing e-mail messages are quickly saved. While you might be composing a message, most mail applications mechanically save a draft of your message within the outbox. The message is then saved within the outbox till it’s efficiently despatched to the recipient. Once the message has been despatched, most e-mail applications transfer the message to the “Sent” or “Sent Messages” folder. While the phrases “Outbox” and “Sent Messages” are sometimes used synonymously, technically they’ve totally different meanings.

Unlike the inbox, which is commonly overflowing with e-mail, the outbox usually doesn’t include any messages. This is as a result of all of the messages which have been despatched have already been transferred to the Sent Messages folder. You can consider an e-mail outbox very similar to the outbox at an office. Mail that’s to be delivered is quickly positioned within the outbox till the mailman (or the designated office mail man) picks up the mail and brings it to the put up office. However, the messages in an e-mail outbox are sometimes delivered instantly (except a connection to the outgoing SMTP mail server just isn’t out there). If solely it was as straightforward to maintain your inbox clear…

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