The time period “bounce” has a number of completely different IT associated meanings, but none of them embody bouncy balls. The commonest definition of bounce used within the pc world refers to e-mail messages.

1. Returning E-mail

When you ship an e-mail message to a different particular person, the mail server processes the message and delivers it to the suitable person’s mailbox. For instance, in case you ship a message to “[email protected],” the server appears to be like for a person named “mrman” to ship the message to. If the person doesn’t exist, the mail server might bounce the message back to the sender, saying “Sorry, that user does not exist.” These messages usually come from “Mail Delivery Subsystem” and have a topic line that reads “Returned mail: see transcript for details.”

If you obtain a bounced message, it’s possible you’ll wish to examine the e-mail handle you despatched the message to and ensure it was typed appropriately. If the handle is right, it might assist to learn the physique of the bounced message for more particulars. The transcript might say one thing like “User quota over limit,” which suggests the recipient has reached his or her e-mail quota and should delete some messages and/or attachments to be able to obtain new mail. If that is the case, it’s possible you’ll wish to name the particular person or use an alternate e-mail handle to let the particular person know she or he has some Inbox upkeep to do.

2. Restarting a Computer

The time period “bounce” can even describe the method of rebooting or restarting a pc. For instance, a workstation might must be bounced after putting in new software program. Similarly, a Web server could also be bounced if web sites hosted on the server aren’t responding appropriately.

3. Exporting Audio

“Bounce” can even describe the method of exporting a number of tracks in an audio combine to at least one mono observe or two stereo tracks. This helps consolidate audio tracks after they’ve been combined. Bouncing audio tracks limits the necessity for processing energy because the pc solely has to course of one observe as a substitute of all of the tracks individually. Digital Performer is the first audio software program program that makes use of bouncing to export audio.

4. Hiding a Network Connection

Finally, “bouncing” will also be utilized in networking to explain a technique of hiding the supply of a person’s network connection. This kind of bouncing is commonly abbreviated “BNC.” Someone who bounces his network connection is named a “bouncer,” although this isn’t the identical one that checks your ID on the bar.

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