How To Remove PCIe Slot Bracket?

How To Remove PCIe Slot Bracket?.

When putting in a GPU or filling the PCIe slot with an enlargement card, it’s important to take away the corresponding slot cowl.

To take away the slot cowl, merely untighten the screws and take it out. If the bracket just isn’t secured with a screw, push till it snaps off.

Depending on the PC, it is likely to be more complicated. Some might need a number of screws whereas others might need brackets which might be exhausting to snap.

Although the method sounds simple, making use of an excessive amount of pressure will be dangerous. So, right here’s a fast demonstration that can assist you safely take away the PCIe slot cowl.

Get Things Ready

First, flip off the PC and take away the facet panel cowl to entry the board. Let me transient you step-by-step:

  1. Shut down the PC and flip off the PSU.turn off psu
  2. Unscrew any screws holding the facet panel to take away it.remove side panel cover
  3. You will now have entry to the motherboard. Place your PC on its facet.lay the pc on its side

Depending on the PC case, the quilt is likely to be related to the case in one of many following 3 ways.

PCIe Slot Bracket Without Screws

pcie bracket connected without any screws
Pushing slot bracket using a screwdriver (from the within)
Important: For these brackets, be sure you take away the proper ones as a result of there are not any do-overs. Removing the fallacious one means there can be a gap at the back of the case that you just can’t shut. Therefore, the PC will soak up more mud.

Use any skinny cylindrical object, like a pen or pencil, to push it. A screwdriver will even do, which is what I usually use.

Push the quilt from the within of the case to interrupt small bits that join the 2. If it’s not doable from the within, push it from the surface.

press on the pcie cracket
Pushing slot bracket using a screwdriver (from the surface)

You have to be further cautious if you’re pushing the bracket from the surface if you have already got a motherboard put in.

Part of the slot cowl ought to come proper out. Once you do that, wiggle it and take away it from the PC case.

remove pcieslot bracket without screws
Wiggle the Bracket Front and Back

Some covers would possibly even have small (rectangle, or cross-shaped) holes. You can insert the screwdriver on this opening to take away it.

The edges on the quilt are sharp. Be cautious or it’s possible you’ll reduce your self when taking it off.

PCIe Slot Bracket With Screws

remove pcie slot bracket with screws
Untightening screws from the bracket

Most high-end and even some mid-tier instances may have the slot covers related with a number of screws. For them, all you want is a screwdriver.

Remove the screw from the perimeters of the bracket and take out the slot cowl. Depending on the case, the screws is likely to be inside or exterior.

remove pcie slot cover with screws
Pulling out the PCIe slot bracket

Some motherboards might have a second metallic plate that secures the bracket. In this case, it’s possible you’ll have to take away two or more screws. 

remove two brackets
Remove Bracket 1 adopted by Bracket 2

PCIe Slot Bracket With Locks

You would possibly see some previous PC instances with locks as an alternative of screws that maintain the bracket. You might have problem figuring out how these locks work. Let me present you ways to take away it:

  1. First, lay the PC on its facet.
  2. Press down on the locks and push it outwards.
  3. Wiggle the slot cowl out of the case. The brackets/covers ought to come proper out.
  4. To reinsert it, press the lock inside till it snaps in place.

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