How To Limit FPS?

How To Limit FPS?.

The best technique to restrict the FPS is by way of your graphics card’s OEM software. For techniques working on built-in GPU, make the most of a dependable third-party service, just like the RivaTuner Statistic Server.

You may cap FPS inside the recreation by enabling Vsync. It units an FPS restrict to the monitor’s refresh price. Some actually have a devoted setting to change the FPS rely.

If your recreation doesn’t have these graphics settings, I recommend altering its configuration file from Windows.

Using the NVIDIA Control Panel

For NVIDIA customers, be sure you have put in the latest NVIDIA Control Panel from the Microsoft Store. Once you might have it, right here is how one can restrict FPS:

  1. Launch the utility and from the left facet, choose 3D Settings.
  2. Click on Manage 3D Settings.
  3. In the precise panel, click on on Global Settings.
  4. Turn on Max Frame Rate and set an FPS restrict worth. Then, test your in-game FPS to see if it really works.manage global setting limit fps

From AMD Adrenaline Software

In the appliance, a characteristic named Radeon Chill can put an FPS restrict in response to your want. Here is a fast information to seek out and alter the setting:

  1. Open AMD Adrenaline Software and navigate to Gaming > Graphics.
  2. Enable Radeon Chill.
  3. Now, set the Max FPS restrict.enable radeon chill amd software

Using RivaTuner Statistic Server

For anybody who doesn’t have a graphics card put in, you could find a number of third-party instruments to restrict FPS. I take advantage of the RivaTuner Statistic Server that comes together with MSI Afterburner and advocate the identical.

Download the utility and full the set up. Once that’s carried out, right here’s what to do:

  1. Open RivaTuner Statistic Server. The software will routinely run within the background.
  2. To entry it, broaden the tray icon and it’s best to see the RivaTuner Statistic Server emblem.
  3. Right-click on it and choose rivatuner statistic server
  4. Here, set a Framerate Limit in response to your want.set framerate limit on rivatuner statistic server

Enable Vsync

Most video games have a Vsync setting that permits you to restrict your recreation FPS to the monitor’s refresh price.

For instance, when you’ve got a 60Hz monitor, enabling Vsync caps the FPS to 60 frames or decrease. Similarly, on a 120Hz monitor, it caps the frames to 120 or decrease.

Some even mean you can set Vsync to half. For instance, on a 60 Hz monitor, the sport will run at 30 FPS or decrease. 

enable vsync in game
Enabling Vsync in GTA V

Vsync settings can be found in graphics or superior settings inside the video games. Set it to one or half as per your selection.

Unfortunately, Vsync could trigger slight enter lag, and you can’t set an arbitrary worth.

While it’s attainable to decrease the monitor’s refresh price to repair it, I don’t advocate this. Although you’ll discover decrease frames on the display screen, the GPU will generate the identical variety of FPS. Meaning, the load on GPU remains to be the identical.

Change In-game Settings

genshin impact limit FPS
Example: Limiting FPS on Genshin Impact

Vsync solely permits you to set the monitor’s refresh price or half its worth as a limiting quantity.

On the opposite hand, there are a couple of video games that permit’s you set a selected worth to restrict FPS.

Just navigate by way of graphics settings to find out whether or not you might have this characteristic in your recreation. 

Change Game Configuration File

Game settings like decision, shadows, max body charges, and different graphical choices are normally saved to a .ini file. The recreation engine makes use of this configuration and runs the sport.

If your recreation doesn’t have a graphics setting to restrict FPS, you may alter this config file to alter the unavailable settings.

Caution: Some video games like Valorant, CS2, and lots of others won’t permit this, and your account may obtain a everlasting ban.

First, you want to do a fast web search to seek out the configuration file location to your recreation. Once you discover it,

  1. Copy the file and paste it in your desktop. This will act as a backup if the sport fails to load when you make modifications to the unique file.valorant config file location
  2. Now, right-click on the unique config file and open it in Notepad.
  3. Search for MaxFramerate, FramerateLimit, or an analogous area.frameratelimit config file
  4. Set its worth in response to your want, 30, 50, 60, and many others.
  5. Save the config file and open your recreation. It ought to run at a decrease FPS. 

Note: If it doesn’t load or offers you a warning, change the unique file with the copy that you simply saved on the desktop. 

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